Over fifteen years of experience as a full-stack Systems Engineer, often bridging the gap between various associated fields and managing the big picture.

Solid foundational experience in Network Engineering, and Administration of Apple, Microsoft, and Linux/Unix systems. True subject matter expert in all macOS and Apple iOS technologies, especially in regards to their integration into heterogeneous environments.

Proficient in Systems Design, and Pre-Sales Engineering. Particularly adept at analysis, troubleshooting, and practical/hands-on technical training.

Additionally skilled in a wide array of adjacent technologies such as VoIP/telephony, CCTV, scripting, and custom deployment and automation systems.



    • Subject matter expert in Apple technologies, including their integration into heterogeneous environments. (Enterprise, SMB, Education, & Datacenter)
    • Extensive experience working with all of Apple’s deployment programs (Device Enrollment Program i.e. DEP, Volume Purchase Program i.e. VPP, and Apple Configurator/Mobile Device Management i.e. MDM frameworks) for the initial deployment of, and ongoing configuration management of, both iOS and macOS devices.
    • Expert in both casual use (File Server, Caching Server, etc.), and advanced operation and configuration (Directory Services Integration, DNS Service, Wiki Server, Profile Manager/MDM, or Netboot/Netinstall/Netrestore Services) of Apple’s server software (from the full server operating system Mac OS X Server versions 10.4 through 10.6, to the current App Store application of macOS Server version 5.
    • Very strong knowledge of (and experience deploying and troubleshooting) network services, such as DNS, DHCP, and Netboot infrastructure.
    • Experience working with Apple’s Bonjour (Apple’s implementation of zero-configuration networking, i.e. zeroconf) technology both within, and across broadcast domains/IP subnets. Identifying and resolving issues of Service Discovery and hostname resolution in environments where device multicast DNS transmissions are not traversing the network.
    • Knowledgable in a variety of virtualization technologies, including how they impact Apple device-centric environments (by virtualizing macOS, or using third-party software to provide network services traditionally dominated by Apple servers). From the open source KVM and LXC/OpenVZ container implementations on Linux, to the commercial ESXi hypervisor and vSphere management offerings of VMware.
    • Strong shell (bash) scripting experience. From basic backups or rsync triggering, to more complex ongoing monitoring and condition testing; making ad-hoc network or service monitoring simple and cost free.
    • Familiar with WPA2 Enterprise wireless security, and the universal network connection security of 802.1x, Radius server, and Directory Service Integrations underlying it.
    • Solid IP Networking knowledge and experience (OSI Layers 1-3). Comfortable mapping and tracing network paths from source to destination through switching, and routing environments. (Additionally experienced with QoS, LACP, VLANs, and stateful/application layer firewalling and security services.)
    • Knowledgable and experienced in the entire end-to-end topography associated with successful email sending and reception. From initial mail client DNS queries and SMTP connections, to the variety of SPF/TXT, MX, and PTR DNS records that must be visible internet-wide for successful and consistent mail delivery.
    • Excel at working in a Systems Architect or project design and deployment capacity. Figuring out how to best design, and setup a system, workflow, or technology… is definitely a core strength.
    • Strong teaching and mentoring skills. Equally comfortable (and experienced) training in both outward/customer facing environments, or internal personnel development. Able to explain complex and difficult-to-grasp concepts to people using their existing knowledge, or experience as examples.
    • Strong expertise in telephone system design and implementation; particularly VoIP. Extensive experience with Asterisk directly; compiled from source, manually programmed dial-plan logic, scripted configuration backups, and pre-provisioning standby systems for rapid service restoration in the event of a failure on the active system.
    • *Additional experience in: live/concert sound engineering, theatre lighting and stage management, studio recording engineering, record production, live/studio session musician work, video production, web and graphics editing/design.



IDC Technologies — Nashville, TN

Datacenter Tech, 2021 to current

    • Work as part of a small team to ensure that personnel is always on premise and available (24/7/365) in the Global Technology Operations Center to escort repair vendors, or provide remote hands/physical assistance within the Datacenter to remote Infrastructure/Engineering groups.


AmpleTech Refresh — Phoenix, AZ


    • Manage in house technology infrastructure (networks, production imaging, servers/applications, and web hosting).
    • Serve as a subject matter expert on a wide variety of computer, server, and networking gear processed, bought and sold.
    • Handles issue escalations from audit and technician personnel, and assists with overall process and logistics.


The Linde Group — San Francisco Bay Area, CA

IT CONSULTANT, 2018 to 2019

    • Provided client IT staff with ongoing training and consulting services, as well as troubleshooting and problem resolution assistance.
    • Re-Architected the wireless network and endpoint management infrastructure for several small business and mid-sized education customers.
    • Worked with various tech companies to streamline their on boarding and off-boarding processes and procedures.


simply mac — Nashville, TN 2005-2017 *(acquired MacAuthority in fall of 2014)

SYSTEMS ENGINEER, 2014 to 2017

    • Transformed the entire company-wide technical services divisions from our existing, VAR/Reseller based models, to one primarily comprised of Managed Services.
    • Performed departmental, and personnel re-organizations necessary to build an effective technical services group to facilitate delivery of our Managed Services offerings.
    • Worked with accounting, marketing, and computer repair/service departments to clearly define the descriptions, boundaries, and detailed specifics, of our new Managed Services offerings.


Image Communications — Nashville, TN 2012-2014

NETWORK ENGINEER, 2012 to 2014

    • Our “sister-company” Image Communications (sharing ownership with MacAuthority), lost their primary Network Engineer while I was increasingly becoming involved in the pre-sales, and later configuration of network gear sold by our Corporate Sales department. Over time, I became the defacto principle Network Engineer.
    • Performed remote, and on-premise, technical consulting services involving routing, firewall configuration, and traffic isolation/segmentation (802.1q VLANs) issues dealing with performance (QoS).
    • Participated (strictly as a pre-sales engineer, and ongoing technical point of contact) in the sale, installation, and management of, Aerohive Networks’ distributed, controller-less wireless networking systems.


MacAuthority — Nashville, TN 2005-2017


    • Continued performing subcontracted jobs from Apple Professional Services, nationwide, for over a decade.
    • As the company grew, moved to a more senior/management role, acting as a de-facto CIO/CTO playing a large role in our overall choices regarding the use of technology on a larger scale.
    • Hired, trained, and supervised personnel providing both internal I.T. for our company, and customer-facing technical services alike.
    • Supervised, and partnered with personnel at remote-branches, in their providing of technical services to customers in their region, to ensure a high level of technical proficiency, and of course, customer service.
    • Began working more regularly with our Corporate Sales, and newly formed Business Sales departments, to translate our technical skills, and capabilities, into clearly defined “products”, or, more accurately, service offerings.


MacAuthority — Nashville, TN

SYSTEMS ENGINEER, 2008 to 2010

    • Performed a variety of “Configuration Services”, and “Directory Services Integration” jobs as a delivery engineer and subcontractor for Apple Professional Services.
    • Provided technical consulting services for an array of the company’s business and education customers.
    • Responsible for the design, configuration, and ongoing management of any and all I.T., and technology systems across the entire company.
    • Successfully identified, and remediated, poor infrastructure design, and mis-configuration of the computer systems, servers, networks, and telephony infrastructure.
    • Worked towards transitioning the company’s technology infrastructure from expensive, proprietary vendor systems, to inexpensive open-source, or commodity systems that could be managed in-house.


MacAuthority — Nashville, TN


    • Quickly moved from the new technician, to the de-facto choice for all of the more difficult to diagnose and perform repairs involving specialized software, or complex hardware interdependencies, such as logic board failures, or multi-processor calibrations.
    • Naturally evaluated and improved the workflows that the service repair team was using, and made major changes to technician toolsets (with multi-platform and multi-toolkit partitioned external drives), data recovery processes, and quick/easy steps for verifying specific diagnostic criteria.
    • Was eventually offered the opportunity to work towards moving into a salary level position as a Systems Engineer, if I could achieve the educational, and experiential criteria through self-directed study and certification.
    • Began performing a few select directory services integration engagements subcontracted from Apple Professional Services, to tie local educational institution’s Apple computers into their greater Active Directory infrastructures; enabling managed client settings to be centrally controlled by a workflow similar to that used for Windows Group Policy.
    • Achieved the ACSA (Apple Certified Systems Administrator), Apple’s highest technical certification offered, specializing in both the Xsan Fibre-Channel SAN systems, and their Directory Services, and Integration and Administration Specialist tracts entirely through self-study, labs, and real-world experience performing technical configuration and consulting services for our customers.



Southern Adventist University — Chattanooga, TN
Majoring in Media Technology — 1998.



    • ACSA Apple Certified System Administrator v10.6
    • ACSA Apple Certified System Administrator v10.5
    • ACSA Apple Certified System Administrator v10.4
    • Xsan 2.0 Certified Administrator
    • Xsan 1.4 Certified Administrator
    • ACWA Aerohive Certified Wireless (Networking) Administrator
    • Apple Certified Specialist Mac OS X — Directory Services v10.6
    • Apple Certified Specialist Mac OS X — Security and Mobility v10.6
    • Apple Certified Specialist Mac OS X — Deployment v10.6
    • Apple Certified Specialist Mac OS X — Directory Services Integration and Administration v10.4
    • dCAA Digium Certified Asterisk (VoIP) Administrator
    • CCA (JAMF) Casper Certified Administrator *(MDM)
    • ACTC Apple Certified Technical Coordinator v10.10
    • ACTC Apple Certified Technical Coordinator v10.9
    • ACTC Apple Certified Technical Coordinator v10.8
    • ACTC Apple Certified Technical Coordinator v10.7
    • ACTC Apple Certified Technical Coordinator v10.6
    • ACTC Apple Certified Technical Coordinator v10.5
    • ACTC Apple Certified Technical Coordinator v10.4
    • ACSP Apple Certified Support Professional v10.10
    • ACSP Apple Certified Support Professional v10.9
    • ACSP Apple Certified Support Professional v10.8
    • ACSP Apple Certified Support Professional v10.7
    • ACSP Apple Certified Support Professional v10.6
    • ACSP Apple Certified Support Professional v10.5
    • ACHDS Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist v10.4
    • Apple Certified Associate Mac OS X — Management v10.9
    • Apple Certified Associate Mac OS X — Integration v10.9
    • Apple Certified Associate Mac OS X — Integration v10.8
    • Apple Certified Associate Mac OS X — Integration v10.7
    • Apple Certified Associate Mac OS X — Integration v10.6




“In my role at MacAuthority I had the opportunity to work with Jon on many projects and deployments. Jon could always be counted on to deliver the projects on time and within budget. He is the best I know at grasping complex technical issues and offering creative solutions.”

Mark Gregory, former President and CEO of MacAuthority, (615) 406-5558 —


“Jon has been our go to engineer for all things Apple, network integration and frankly all around educational technology for more than 7 years. At every level, he has not only been highly skilled, insightful and well rounded, but also forward thinking, reasonable and just spot on. We will continue to look to Jon for help because he has been a key part of our technology support.”

David Barber, Director of Network Operations, Silverdale Baptist Academy, (423) 364-1577 —


“Jon is a talented and sharp technologist who takes a real-world, and practical view of his projects. He has a fantastic sense of when to apply robust traditional tech or when to adopt bleeding-edge, new solutions.”

Lucas Leverett, Communications Manager, NOVATECH, (615) 577-7677 —


“Jon was invaluable to us while I worked at LEAD Public Schools. As an engineer at MacAuthority/Simply Mac, I found his professionalism and expertise in system design were second to none. I always enjoyed and benefitted greatly from our interactions. A great technology resource!”

Jay Morgan, CEO, Comstasis
via LinkedIn —


“Jon provided high quality IT consulting services for us for over 6 years. He was always professional, very timely in service and sensitive to finding the cost effective and best fit solution to technology projects and problems we encountered. We always felt our best interest was a priority for him.”

Chris Fehr, COO & CFO, TSWII Management Company, (423) 267-1430 —


“I worked with Jon for three years at MacAuthority, and then Simply Mac. While we didn’t work together directly, I did work closely with Jon on several projects over the course of my time there. He always took time to explain the answers to the questions I had and was a great consulting partner in utilizing our technology effectively. The thing that I appreciated about him the most was that if he didn’t know the answer to a problem I had, he would do research until he found a solution that would work well for me.”

Erin Lane, Leadership & Organizational Development Coordinator, HCA
via LinkedIn —


“Jon Jewett was super easy to work with and responded to any issues quickly. I think he may be a computer genius, but he’d never let on. When I didn’t understand what was happening to the computer or server, he was great about explaining things to me. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone (and have).”

Susan Ruth, Office Manager, Dryden Architecture and Design, (615) 439-5201 —


“Mr. Jewett was a great help to our organization. We are a small staff of five with various computer skill levels. Mr. Jewett was very patient with each staff member as he installed our new system.”

Sherry Murphy, Executive Director, Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Center, (270) 723-3130 —