Use Of Force

At what point… seriously, exactly where is the line… where a dozen neighbors dragging a cop-out of their car and beating them to death… is actually just, and a civic service… a responsibility even? I’m not saying we’re there, but if you can’t ask the question if the question itself is offensive to you, then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. I’m just so tired of the casual nature with which we all continue to accept murder, or at the very least manslaughter, because some idiot employee of the “allowed to use lethal force” club feels threatened.
This particular incident is highly suspect for sure… and in fairness, we have very little information so far… this could be a terrible accident or even a tragic, yet completely justified killing. But we all know that if this turns out to be, exactly as bad as it seems like it could be… it’s not terribly unique, and sadly, it’s unlikely to even spur a whisper of the much needed national conversation on police use of force, and a hard look at how conditioned we’ve all become to authoritarianism.



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