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In the WWDC 2020 “Platforms State of the Union”, they mention that App Extensions can now be used (on iOS and iPad OS) to specify 3rd party apps as the default for email & web browsing. 'Anyone know if the VoIP API’s for 3rd party phone apps, can also take advantage of this?

'Anyone know of an opening for a Systems Engineer role? I'm looking for a new opportunity. Message me directly at, or check out my resume:

'Years back, flash storage startup called "Skyera" was purchased by Western Digital, followed by radio silence. 'Anyone know if WD's new IntelliFlash NVMe Arrays ( are the result? 100% NVMe/~700TB capacity/200µs latency/dual active/active controllers in 2U

'Great video on Azure Datacenter Architecture by @markrussinovich. Project Tardigrade seems especially cool (it's mentioned at 10:50 into the video):

PCIe attached NVMe boot disks are the best thing to happen to consumer computing devices in a long time.

The 128GB boot disk in the absolute bottom of the line new MacBook Air uses 4x PCI lanes at 8.0 GT/s, with ~650MB/s write and 1850MB/s read.

Truly impressive.

Exciting times...

Guest OS: macOS v10.14.0 (Mojave)
Host Hypervisor: KVM/QEMU (Debian Stretch)
Cluster Management & WebUI: Proxmox VE (debian distro)
Bare Metal Hardware: x86_64/amd64
UEFI Boot Loader: Clover EFI

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