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Anyone regularly use a USB to Serial/COM connection to administer a switch/router/whatever from GNU/linux? Windows needs an FTDI driver, but then PuTTY works fine. On linux using minicom, or builtins, 'text is always garbled. I think I've taken macOS (with screen) for granted.

A truly great (and easily readable) write up on why the architecture of the M1 has been producing such great results.

I can’t help but find this relevant and something we should all take to heart these days (especially here on Twitter):

In the WWDC 2020 “Platforms State of the Union”, they mention that App Extensions can now be used (on iOS and iPad OS) to specify 3rd party apps as the default for email & web browsing. 'Anyone know if the VoIP API’s for 3rd party phone apps, can also take advantage of this?

'Anyone know of an opening for a Systems Engineer role? I'm looking for a new opportunity. Message me directly at, or check out my resume:

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