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When "Goodpass2&" is accepted, but "V%kkpfpjsyq5Thgh&3" doesn't meet password policy requirements, the policy sucks. #passwords

It absolutely blows my mind that @Spotify's iOS app is such complete garbage. They've got more market share than Apple Music and Amazon Music combined, yet it's one of the worst media player/streaming apps I've ever used by a huge margin.

Anyone regularly use a USB to Serial/COM connection to administer a switch/router/whatever from GNU/linux? Windows needs an FTDI driver, but then PuTTY works fine. On linux using minicom, or builtins, 'text is always garbled. I think I've taken macOS (with screen) for granted.

A truly great (and easily readable) write up on why the architecture of the M1 has been producing such great results.

I can’t help but find this relevant and something we should all take to heart these days (especially here on Twitter):

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