Sacred Cows on the Pain Bench

I don’t know why I ended up coming across this video, but this guy is great. He’s a comedian, and both the language barrier (for myself at least) and the fact that he is a comedian, and not a ‘philosopher’ per se, make it easy to miss. But the philosophy, or… more accurately ideology… morality even, that he’s defining is just so dead spot on.

It seems these days all we see is a constant barrage of bigotry being couched against politically correct pseudo-outrage. Thought police, eager to jump on a bad sounding phrase, immediately condemning people with vicious ad hominem attacks before they can even fully express their view.

Worse yet, this actually serves to obfuscate the bigotry, racism… even just everyday communication / behavioral / social norms, that are likely simply unexamined, benign habit… yet insidiously wreak havoc upon the weakest among us.

“Freedom of Speech” isn’t just about politics. If we could simply set aside our legal, political, and religious perspectives, and allow ourselves to truly listen to one another… I mean really listen. Only then, judge people by the content of their character… evaluate their ideas based entirely upon the actual merits of the idea… not based on their race/religion/cultural group, and not a knee-jerk reaction to the words they use, or the object of their critique.

Words matter. Ideas matter. Nuance matters (and is often crucial).

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