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GUID String Generator

Recently, while endeavoring to practice good security “hygiene”, I found myself annoyed with the multiple steps, and overly burdensome process I was having to go through, in order to simply generate, use, and save unique passwords for each new account I was creating, while also making sure these passwords were sufficiently complex.

I was also, at the time, working on a software project (automation scripting) that required a great deal of certainty in the “uniqueness” of many of the object, and variable definitions being used. Rather than filling up my password manager with all of this, I just kept some basic text files to document all of these strings and what they each were. I still found myself pulling up a terminal window and piping ‘date’ to ‘md5’, or using openssl rand -base64 to generate a unique string, that I’d then have to highlight, and copy into my clipboard for later paste-ing. Again, not particularly difficult, but, a hassle when done in high volume.

So… it occurred to me, to make this little utility/app. It’s nothing special at all, but at the time, it saved me from having to go through a few of those steps, over-and-over, and therefore saved my sanity. Now, I’m in the habit of using it anytime I need a globally unique string of text, and for me, it’s useful. Simply trigger it’s execution from quickly typing a few characters into Spotlight, or a single click in the dock, and a globally unique text string will immediately load, and be waiting for you to paste it.

Here’s a quick video clip showing it’s use:


And here, is a link to download a copy of the app. Feel free to use, and share it, however you wish.

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