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Yeah I know… another silly script/utility?


I’m under no delusions of being a developer.  These little apps/utilities that I’m posting are just basic bash shell/applescript hodgepodges with terribly designed icons.

But… I end up writing these things because they’re just a big convenience for me.  I find that they save me enough time to justify the effort it takes to create them (admittedly not a lot).


ClipBoard-2-PlainText is a little app/utility that sits in the Script Menu in the top menu bar and does one simple thing.  It converts the contents of your ClipBoard (the place where things that you Copy are stored and ready to be Pasted) from Rich Text (i.e. font, size, kerning, hyperlinks, etc.) to plain ASCII text.

I find it inconvenient when I paste a website URL into an email message and I get a hyperlinked site name instead of a readable URL (see example pic below):



Don’t you hate that?

The next one really drives me crazy though.  Have you ever been copying and pasting text clips between two documents and wished that the text would adopt the formatting of the document you’re pasteing it into instead of the font/size/etc. of the document you copied it from (see example below)?



Well, if it drives you crazy too, then look no further!

You can download the ClipBoard-2-PlainText utility from my Github by clicking the download link below.

Download ClipBoard-2-PlainText




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