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    Yeah I know… another silly script/utility? Yes. I’m under no delusions of being a developer.  These little apps/utilities that I’m posting are just basic bash shell/applescript hodgepodges with terribly designed icons. But… I end up writing these things because they’re just a big convenience for me.  I find that they save me enough time to […]

NetDiag Tool

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  From time to time, when occasion rises, I’ll find myself needing to quickly determine the actual problem, when I get a report of “the internet is down”.  As you know (if you’re enough of an IT nerd to bother reading this), it’s important at the start of troubleshooting to know what the problem actually is […]

some old music…

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I recently uploaded a few songs to an obscure, un-indexed music page on this site to facilitate easy sharing with some old friends.  I later added titles, “credits” (of who did what on the recordings), and finally a few notes about the songs themselves. This lead to me going back and reminiscing about a variety […]